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Preno (mpalt@tiscali.co.uk)
Date:Thu 12 Jul 2007 14:44:19 BST
Subject:Thank you
 Just to say many thanks for making this music available - it is now a regular in the car so many memories.. not playesd the 7"'s for years nor the live tape from the garden festival which i can no longer find :-( so many corking songs yet another liverpool band who deserved better hope mark & the guys are all fit and well - Mr V should still be penning songs - there is so much to say still....

Pete "Peewee" Coleman (peeweecoleman@hotmail.com)
Date:Tue 31 Jul 2007 02:17:02 BST
Subject:Strictly and Ignorance etc
 Hello to anyone from the band.... found your site whilst searching the web. Hearing some of those tracks again after having been the producer (for SOS recordings and the Stiff Records release) was a nice trip down memory lane....great songs will stand the test of time. Best wishes to all! Pete Coleman (from the depths of a studio in Runcorn!)

Olaf (@stampede_ogro@freenet.com)
Date:Thu 27 Sep 2007 22:15:46 BST
Subject:Thanks for the songs
 They are sounding as fresh as ever!

Tiger (tntprior@sbcglobal.net)
Date:Sun 07 Oct 2007 06:19:43 BST
 Thank you so so much! I have been looking for these songs for years! This still sounds so great to me. Thanks again, Tiger

Simon (simon@blias.wanadoo.co.uk)
Date:Thu 15 Nov 2007 01:16:58 GMT
Subject:Personal Column
 Jeepers couldn't believe my luck stumbling upon your website, the only downer being it happened at 1 in the morning by pure chance through the persuaders/come in tokyo searching...Anyway can't wait to fully digest the whole site and songs asap and get back to you again...one disappointment that World in Action wasn't listed still think I've got this though off Peel on a crap TDK tape though. On a more sad note and from a fans point of view who went to many of your gigs including the Royal Iris one with The Farm before they sold out and did cheesy dance stuff, can't ever believe how Personal Column and Cook Da Books never became truly famous. Both made fantastic songs which still stand the test of time Cheers for now Simon Elias

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